SEAFARERS CHARITY (Formerly Seafarers UK)
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Branch Dinner 2023
The Branch dinner has been arranged for Sat 15 th Apri at Weymouth Golf Club. We hope to be in a position to announce further details at the next meeting at Nana Moons on the 9 th of February.
The Terrible Pain of Command
2022  Date   2023 Date   Event   Branch Involvement   19 th   March   15 th   April   Branch annual dinner, Weymouth  Golf Club     25 th   April   25 th   April   A nzac   Day   service , Weymouth  seafront     n/a   26 th - 28tth May   Battle of Atlantic  80  Commemoration, Liverpool     30 th   May   21st May (tbc)   US  Armed Forces   Memorial  Da y ,   service , Weymouth seafront     3 r d -   8 th   June     Branch trip  t o France     19 th   June   18 th   June   Weymouth Veterans Parade     20 th   June   1 9 th   June   Armed  F orces  Flag Raising  D ay     20 th   June   19 th   June   Last Watch Ceremony , Royal Oak     10 th   July   9 th   July   Sea Sunday     2 nd   Sept .     MN   D ay Flag  R aising County  H all     3 rd   Sept .   3 rd   Sept .   MN Day Weymouth     4 th   Sept .     MN Day , T ower Hill ,  London     15 th   Sept .     Battle of Britain Day   Bowleaze  Cove  service     n/a   10 th   Sept.   Naval Associations   Bi e nnial   Parade ,   Whitehall ,   London     12 th   Oct.     Annual National Seafarer’s  Service, St Pau ls     21 st   Oct     Trafalgar Day Service , Exeter  Cathedral     11 th   Nov.   11 th   Nov .   Armistice Day     13 th   Nov.   12 th   Nov.   Remembrance Sunday , MNA  Memorial, Tower Hill, London