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Branch Dinner 2023
The Terrible Pain of Command
2022  Date   2023 Date   Event   Branch Involvement   19 th   March   15 th   April   Branch annual dinner, Weymouth  Golf Club  - cancelled    25 th   April   25 th   April   A nzac   Day   service , Weymouth  seafront     n/a   26 th - 28tth May   Battle of Atlantic  80  Commemoration, Liverpool     30 th   May   21st May (tbc)   US  Armed Forces   Memorial  Da y ,   service , Weymouth seafront     3 r d -   8 th   June     Branch trip  t o France     19 th   June   18 th   June   Weymouth Veterans Parade     20 th   June   1 9 th   June   Armed  F orces  Flag Raising  D ay     20 th   June   19 th   June   Last Watch Ceremony , Royal Oak     10 th   July   9 th   July   Sea Sunday     2 nd   Sept .     MN   D ay Flag  R aising County  H all     3 rd   Sept .   3 rd   Sept .   MN Day Weymouth     4 th   Sept .     MN Day , T ower Hill ,  London     15 th   Sept .     Battle of Britain Day   Bowleaze  Cove  service     n/a   10 th   Sept.   Naval Associations   Bi e nnial   Parade ,   Whitehall ,   London     12 th   Oct.     Annual National Seafarer’s  Service, St Pau ls     21 st   Oct     Trafalgar Day Service , Exeter  Cathedral     11 th   Nov.   11 th   Nov .   Armistice Day     13 th   Nov.   12 th   Nov.   Remembrance Sunday , MNA  Memorial, Tower Hill, London
Battle of the Atlantic 80
At the branch meeting, held on the 13th of March, it was agreed that the dinner arranged for the 15th of April should be cancelled due to problems with negotiations with the golf club.
News from Chris Carr April 2023
Thought I’d send a quick update. I’m currently in Yangshan China, the dock photos are from here. They are fully autonomous here which is very cool. It’s fishing season in China at the moment and it’s crazy as you can see from the two ECDIS plots. The ECDIS can only handle 200 targets so what you see on the screen is not the full picture but it’s mental. All going well here. A few more ports in Asia then the slow slog over to Europe where I’ll sign off hopefully early June which will take me to 5 months on board. Hope everyone at the club is well and say hello from me in the next meeting. Chris