Branch Meeting held on 12 th February 2024
Branch Meeting. Held at The Admiral Hardy Public House, Weymouth. Monday 12 th February 2024. at 1930 Appologies: Lida Newman, John Bowditch, Clive and Lois Edwards, Chris Carr, David Parsons, Eamon Smythe, Tony Cash, Karl Stockwell, Tom Pearce, Gareth and Linda Peaston, David Cornes, David Kennett, Nigel Burton. Minutes:- None from January. Chairman: Branch Dinner is being arranged for Friday 3 rd May 2024. To be held at The Avenue, Weymouth College. Price £35. Three course menu. Music for dancing. Names to Tammy please. Menu and further details to be arranged and promulgated as soon as we know. Welfare Officer: Tony Cash doing as well as expected, but no visitors at the moment, family only. John Walsey is having a rough time of it at the moment, our thoughts are with him. John Bowditch and Rose still under the weather. Treasurer: Main Account;- £4,621.52 Card Account:- £648 .56 Total:-£5,270.08 Less France 2024: £2,447.50 Unallocated: £2,822.58 National: See Magazine Article. AOB: France 2024 Briefing and update by Paul Cooper. Branch Treasurer required. Branch AGM will be held at the May Branch Meeting. Meeting Closed: 2010 Next Meeting: Monday 11 March 2024.